Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Talking about LIPS

Make Up products include a lot of things like: primer, base, tinted moisturizer, e/s base, e/s, blush, bronzer, lip balm, lip stick, lip tint, eye liner, concealer blah blah blah 

...but for me, I LOVE LIPS PRODUCTS <3 
...Especially lip stick and lip tint
...And I think I have to care abt lip gloss more from now on, LOL

On my face, whenever I put my make up on, I realized that the magic can totally change my face to A style to B style is lip stick so that's why I love hunting lip stick. Keke

Well, 2 be honest, my lips is not good at all :(

...dark lips
...dark lines around lips after several times apply lip stick on


So, what I'm looking for in a lip stick?

- Moisturizer
- Pigmented
- Last long
- Don't dry out my lips
- Colors that suit my NC25 skin tone 

This is a random pink color chart I found on Google, I edited a bit, you guys can see some colors are underlined, I think those are lovely lip stick shades for me <3

Some of the lip sticks didn't work out for me...

- Wet N Wild Mega Last (Just Peachy)
- Revlon Lip Butter (Raspberry Pie)
- Revlon Color Burst (Soft Nude) -> But since I used this as a concealer 4 my lips so I keep it :)
- Revlon Lip Butter (Sweet Tart) -> Sometimes I think this shade is ok on my lips and sometimes don't. So complicated T.T

 Hunting List 4 this year (update every month)

- Rimmel Kate Moss lasting finish lip stick (08)
- Cover Girl Lip Perfection lip stick (Rush, Romance)
- Revlon Kissable Balm Stain (Honey)
- NYX Round lip stick (B52, Perfect, Milan, Mars)
- Skinfood Rose Esence lip gloss (05, 06)  
- Skinfood Vita Tok lip gloss (PK01 -> PK03, BR01)
- Essence gel tint (Pink Exposed)
- Make Up Academy lip stick (01, 11)   


What do guy thinks about my list?
Any advices?
Love to see comments of my lovely readers <3


  1. em dùng cái Sweet Tart cũng không hợp ấy T.T dùng mỏng mỏng rồi tán ra = tay thì còn đỡ T.T mà dùng son phải mất công như thế thì mệt lắm =)) Em thích mấy màu kiểu plumy/berry hoặc có tông nâu kiểu hồng nâu, cam nâu, đỏ nâu ấy :v nhìn già nhưng mà em hợp mỗi thế =))

  2. Da ch ko trắng lắm mà môi bị thâm môi trên nên cứ thích dùng mấy tông như trong cái hình ấy :D Hình như e cũng giống ch, thích mấy cái tông như thế :3

  3. I wish i had you lipstick confidence i find i can only really wear lipstick is nudes or mauve tones as anything else i am worried will look horrid or smudge all over my face.
    I am trying to get over this fear haha. Thanks for a great post honey~! Maybe i should make a lipstick list for what i want to try.
    x Sakura

  4. @Rozen Saku: I don't have lipstick confidence at all darling :)) All of my favorite lipsticks mostly mauve tones :) Well, i'm the same as you.
    I'm looking forward to see your post <3