Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Nippon Genki Matsuri in Viet Nam

" The Cherry-blossom or Nippon Genki Festival 2012, organized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam, will take place at the "Sep 23rd Park" on April 16-17.

Starting in 2007, the annual cherry-blossom festival attracts many people who love cherry flowers and Japanese culture. This year’s festival is the 4th of its kind and aims to bring Japanese culture closer to Vietnamese and lead up to the 40th anniversary of relationship between the two countries (1973-2013).

The two-day festival will have various activities with the expected contents as follows:

- Display of fresh cherry blossoms
- Performances on stage (focus on dancing)
- Yosakoi dancing
- Traditional Game and Shops Area
- Japanese Cuisine Area
- Cosplay, Kendo sword-fighting and other traditional art performances
- Motor performance of Honda Vietnam Company.

Besides contemplating cherry blossoms and taking part in quintessential Japanese cultural activities, visitors can also joint the “For beloved Japan” campaign. Visitors will fold 1,000 paper cranes as prayers for victims of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. There will also be a fund raising event for the victims at the festival. Visitors can donate at charity boxes or contact directly with the organizing board. In addition, visitors can contribute by buying souvenir products at the festival.

Towards a green and clean environment, visitors will be guided to sort garbage and follow sanitation rules by Vietnamese and Japanese volunteer groups during the festival"

Credit to Phuong Anh
Source: here

I love this festival, so cool although the weather is hot as HELL !!!!!!!

Taiyaki :D

Sakura flowers BUT it's fake :(( because the real one was withered =.=

Traditional Japanese dance

Me with my friends :D

Cosplayyyyyyyyy ! She cosplayed Sophie from The Howl Moving Castle. But at 1st, I thought she played The Ductch Lady =))))))) So kawaii, right? :))

Nigaoe - Japenese Portrait. Too expensive :< Just stop by and took a picture...

Well! Have u guys been to some where interesting lately? :D Tell me ^^


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